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how bad is it to have a crush on someone when I'm in a relationship with someone else? I'd never act on the crush, but I feel guilty.

It’s always a stupidly tricky situation when that happens. I believe it’s entirely possibly to have feelings for two people at once, and have all feelings be legitimate. The biggest thing is honesty. If you feel yourself having stronger feelings for the crush, it might not be a bad idea to be honest with your significant other. If you want to stay with them, work on getting over the crush. If you want to be with the crush, work on breaking up with whoever you’re currently with. 

Sorry you’re going through all that though :(

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and so i thought, why not gif my boobs for my sex blog!

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i changed my theme check me out

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Skinny Apple Mug Cake

Lemon Cloud Mug Cake

Strawberries and Cream Mug Cake

Cookies and Cream Mug Cake

Red Velvet Mug Cake

Candy Cane Mug Cake

Smore Mug Cake

Pumpkin Cinnamon Mug Cake

Coffee Cake Mug Cake


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Steal his look - Bulbasaur

Cabbage: $0.50

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Steal Her Look

Versace Green Cone Hat: $689

Fendi Pisatcho Green T-Shirt: $549

i’m logging off

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I dont understand the term “foodie” like.. we all eat. If you’re not a foodie you are a starvey like what.

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When you already faded and your homie walk into the party

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